What you may be wondering.

Course advisement

  • - Full Stack Developer
  • - Software Engineering
  • - DevOps and Cloud Engineer
  • - Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning
  • - Data Scientist

Our professional programs are based on active learning, where the student plays a central role, and his ability to learn is tested. They are aimed at developing the technological and soft skills needed to be successful in the fastest growing professions in the market.

Our programs are open to a wide sector of the community, any interested person can join as no previous knowledge or university degree is needed. The effort and dedication required for each of the courses is tough, so it requires motivation and good logical reasoning skills.

Our methodology is based on three pillars: project-based learning, collaborative learning and active learning. You will work with our IDE (Interactive Development Environment), through which you will develop all the projects. You can choose the online and/or face-to-face modality, and dedicate full or part time to it.

Program Full-time Part-time
Full Stack Development 8 months / 30-40 hours per week 13 months / 15-20 hours per week
Software Engineering 12 months / 30-40 hours per week 18 months / 15-20 hours per week
DevOps and Cloud Engineer 8 months / 30-40 hours per week 13 months / 15-20 hours per week
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 14 months / 30-40 hours per week 21 months / 15-20 hours per week
Data Scientist 7 months / 30-40 hours per week 10 months / 15-20 hours per week

CodeU is a platform that focuses on developing students' skills and providing them with a portfolio of projects to help them achieve their dream jobs. The Register of Official Validity is in process.

Our programs are of high demand so we recommend that students do not take different programs in parallel. The learning process is progressive, so we recommend following the sequence of each of the modules.

Registration process and financial considerations

The admission process is as follows:

  • 1. Fill out the online application form
  • 2. Solve a coding challenge
  • 3. Attend an interview

After the admission procedure you will receive the final decision in your email address.

You can find the information about the next opening dates by clicking on the "programs" section. We normally start student registration 2 months in advance.

At CodeU we are committed to providing access to quality education for all. Ask our representatives about funding and scholarship possibilities.

How it works - The online learning experience

Online learning is a form of remote education in which the student is not physically present during the lesson. This convenient and low-cost route to education often requires students to have basic computer and Internet knowledge and be able to communicate effectively through writing. Because of the remoteness of online learning, students must also be independent and self-disciplined, as they are often expected to manage their class schedule and meet deadlines without an in-person reminder from instructors.

No. All that is required is a laptop/computer with internet access. Through the IDE platform you will be able to develop all the necessary projects and exercises.

The distribution of the student's time is divided in 10% to attend classes, 50% of individual work and 40% of group code sessions.

The program is flexible, it adapts to your time. The sessions will be held in the mornings and afternoons, and even on Saturdays. However, you will have to take responsibility for the work you leave behind.

Course completion

At the end of the course, you will have a portfolio of up to 50 projects that will help you show recruiters your skills so you can aim for your dream job.