Just like the science behind going to space, discover the science behind our platform and programs.

How Learning Works

Each track is comprised of 7-10 projects. Projects become successively more difficult and complex.

Most tracks last 3 months full-time or 5 months part-time, introductory level tracks that last 3-6 weeks.

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Experiential Learning Platform

Skill-based, engagin learning

Project-based Learning

Each track is made up of projects that reflect real-world world, skills, or knowledge. Projects start simple then grow in complexity and difficulty.


We use correction points, experience points, and community points to foster motivation, accountability, and learning ownership.

Autocorrection System

Our platform has an autocorrection system that will evaluate whether a submitted exercise returns the correct result and passes use or test cases.

Backed by Learning and Behavioural Science

Unlike most bootcamps, Code U’s programs and platform is backed by an enormous amount of learning science and behavioral science. We consider ourselves as a company always pursuing research and development to continually improve our platform and the learning experience.

We love science! There is so much research on the efficacy of project-based learning in developing 21st-century skills and in the power of gamification to motivate learning. Why would you choose anything else in this day and age?!

Join one of the world’s leading learning platforms and learning communities (back by science, of course).

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